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Centrally Mounted Poles

Self Tensioning Banner Systems

cantrally mounted banner poles

standard post mounted banner system

* Sign-torque clips from £3.50 each,
  please see below.
Wall & Post Self Tensioning

Now white powder coated as standard and set on a robust 38mm diameter horizontal pole top and bottom. Here is a true self-tensioning banner system that really adds zest with professional presentation – along with simple practicality and a cost effective price that doesn’t blow the budget.

Wind, rain, sun or cold banner self adjusts
Self-tensioning – saves time, money & labour
Centrally mounted allows post to break wind!
Up to 1220mm wide with 4 metre drop
610mm wide with 5 metre drop
Larger graphic area gives greater impact
Can be used back to back, even more effective
Easy to install
Self-tensioning system at top or bottom
Crisp presentation of image all the time
Cost effective, competitively priced
Innovative yet practical design

Post Mounted to suit banner width:
610mm £272, 760mm £280, 915mm £288,
, 1220mm £304

Wall Mounted to suit banner width:
610mm £280, 760mm £288, 915mm £296,
, 1220mm £312

Prices exclude banner, VAT & delivery.

Maximum recommended banner sizes for all above systems
 Banner Width
 Banner Drop

Self Tensioning
'Towel Rail' System

Now introducing by popular demand – the wall mounted self-tensioning ‘Towel Rail’ system. Based on the same principle this banner furniture allows you to adorn a building graphically and aesthetically whilst standing up to the elements. Because of its robust structure it allows you a greater ‘canvas’ for greater impact.

To suit banner width:
1500mm £370, 1800mm £390, 2400mm £420,
Prices exclude banner, VAT & delivery.

Maximum recommended banner sizes for all above systems
 Banner Width
 Banner Drop
4.0 metres
4.0 metres
3.0 metres
3.0 metres

It is important that a qualified engineer assesses the suitability of the structure to withstand the additional wind loading created by the installation of any of the assemblies on this page.

sign-torque 1

sign-torque 2

     T-bar screwdriver
     Drill bit
Sign-Torque Stainless Steel Grip Clip Banding System

Now there is an easier, quicker, safer way to fix banner poles to posts.

Sign-Torque consists of a high tensile stainless steel band with a special worm drive mechanism. Set in this is a hardened, tamper resistant screw that only receives the specially designed tools. Choose between the hand held ‘T’ bar screwdriver that can alter its angle of drive for even greater torque or a special drill bit for speed and efficiency – or use both for even faster fitting.

We now bring you a range of specially designed Sign-Torque bands to fit from 55mm to 340mm diameter posts. No fuss, no bother, they are even adjustable and re-usable. They will certainly make the job of fitting post-mounted banner poles quicker and easier. You save time, money and effort.

Sign-Torque Grip Clips for post sizes:

 TTK70 - (55-70mm)
£22 pack
 TTK100 - (70-100mm)
£24 pack
 TTK130 - (100-130mm)
£26 pack
 TTK190 - (130-190mm)
£28 pack
 TTK250 - (190-250mm)
£30 pack
 TTK340 - (250-340mm)
£34 pack

Priced per pack of 4, including drill bit.
Prices exclude VAT & delivery.


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